30 October 2016

Leaving the Labour Party

I have decided that I will not be renewing my membership of the Labour Party when it lapses. This is for a number of reasons.
  • The thought of Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister personally appals me; I do not think he is competent enough to do the job and his world view, in which he engages in far more criticism of our allies than our 'enemies' is not one I subscribe to.
  • The current policies of the party are not properly thought out and not properly costed. Where is the £500 billion coming from.
  • The level of unpleasant rhetoric in the party is too high and not enough action has been taken to deal with it.
  • Finally, I no longer consider myself a social democrat, let alone a socialist.
This last one needs some further explaining. I do not believe that the current welfare state is at all sustainable as our population lives for longer. Already the NHS is struggling under levels of demand.

I also believe that people need to start taking more individual responsibility both at a personal and a community level; our current government is not inclined to fund community services and at any rate, cannot sustain them at levels to be expected.

Yes, I believe that the rich should pay their fair share in taxes, but as someone who would like to be in the top tax bracket one day, I don't like the idea of half my income above a certain level going to the Government, which isn't always the best spender of it.

I believe in a welfare safety net, but I believe those in it need to make every reasonable effort to get back on the tightrope. Those who cannot work should be genuinely provided for and not subject to the unpleasant assessments currently being used.

I have no time for those who waste their money on copious amounts of alcohol, cigarettes and illegal drugs; they need assistance in getting off them true, but they must also take personal responsibility for ignoring the many, many warnings. I would support charging people who go to A&E because of their own stupid behaviour.

I believe that we should help people to help themselves. I do not hear that statement coming from the Labour Party at present.

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