17 June 2015

Fringe 1.7: "In Which We Meet Mr. Jones"

I have actually been giving serious considering to calling this watch-through off and choosing to focus on other things; however, following this episode I'm going to park that decision for another day.

This episode is a mixture of good and bad. The bad involves some stuff with Olivia and an old flame that provides us with some rather dull talky scenes.

The good? The main plot involving a big parasite and a literal heart attack allows for a pretty decent race against the clock scenario with one rather large extra challenge. Also Jared Harris (best known for Mad Men) gets a great scene in a prison - I get a feeling he may turn up again. Getting key information from him involves the maddest science I've ever seen on any show, Fringe or otherwise; it's clear there's going to be a lot of this and it's really best to just roll with it.

Last twist is very good as well and will make things interesting for later. One final note - the name of the prison has to be a joke for the German speakers in the audience...


Not too shabby; things are starting to come together. Just wish they come together a bit faster than they currently are.



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