04 August 2014

100 Years On

Today marks a century since the British entry in the First World War; fighting was of course ongoing at this point in a number of areas - France and Germany were already at war.

It's pretty much impossible to forget the World Wars in the UK; visual reminders in the form of war memorials exist in every community in this country - we lost over a million of our people in the first conflict. The legacy of the events of June-August 1914 and the four horrific years of bloodshed after resonate to this very day.

There are many lessons to be drawn from this conflict and many reflections to be drawn from it. One useful thing to do is think about what might have happened to you if you'd been around at that point.

I suspect I'd have ended up in the trenches myself... and considering I don't like mud, it would have been horrible to put it mildly.

Wars of these sort affect everyone... and this is one reason why they mustn't happen again.

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