24 December 2013

Vale Undecim: Farewell, Matt Smith

How it began

It's been nearly four years since the last regeneration of the Doctor (in his chronology that is) and now the time has come for Matt Smith to hand over his TARDIS key to Peter Capaldi.

When you think about the Doctor in general, all of his incarnations have been rather different beasts; certainly there have been strong strands through all twelve, but William Hartnell and Matt Smith are not all alike. William Hartnell's Time Lord would not use a jammy dodger as a 'weapon' (well maybe he would) and Matt Smith's wouldn't abandon his granddaughter... well maybe they might, but it's not hugely likely.

Eleven (as the official numbering remains) is a very different character from Ten; much more quirky, alien and definitely not one familiar with human conventions. His style of dress was definitely 'Doctorish' but Tennant wouldn't wear a bow tie unless it was paired with a tux. This was a Doctor who for all his youthful appearance was a man over a millenia old... and he certainly played it convincingly.

Matt Smith was definitely the right choice for this role; capable of a great range of emotionsm, a superb style (the things the man did for bow tie sales) and the ability to pull off a gurn, a practical requirement for any Doctor.

While not as good as Tennant, he came very close and he'll be much missed.

Farewell Eleven.

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