11 May 2013

:gulp: :burp: #bearchow - US Upfronts 2013

My thoughts on the renewals, cancellations and new pickups – I’ll do this by network.



·         Revenge got renewed, but that show is now starting to twist for the sake of twisting. The EP jumped ship earlier this season and I don’t see this going on for too much longer.

·         Body of Proof was a big surprise renewal last year and a hard call this time – but it was cancelled; the age of the forensic show appears to be ending.

·         Lucky 7 looks an awful lot like a US remake of the BBC series The Syndicate, but can that concept work for a 22-or-so episode run?



·         CSI: With an early renewal (and all its stars back), this show may be old, but I’ve enjoyed it for over a decade – frequently with my dinner. I can see why this is the most-watched show on Earth.

·         NCIS continues to be undemanding fun, but if any of the leads chose to leave the show, it’s going to have a hard time adjusting – they’ve been entrenched (mostly) for seven seasons now.

·         The Good Wife remains a critical darling, but at some point soon, CBS will decide to call this one a day – the ratings have never been brilliant.

·         Jerry Bruckheimer continues to be a big player in TV – he’s got another show of his picked up… which will replace the cancelled CSI:NY, a series that lost steam a while back.


The CW

·         Arrow’s early renewal was no surprise – it’s a good show with great stunt work; plus Barrowman needs the work.

·         The Tomorrow People is one of those shows that could work or fail.




·         I chose not to bother with the second season of Touch – nor did many people. Its cancellation was no surprise whatsoever.

·         US & Them: Why does the US insist on remaking perfectly good British shows when they could just show the originals for a fraction of the cost? I suspect, though, they’d subtitle some of the


·         Abrams gets another pie with Almost Human; that could be a hit or an early cancellation.

·         Enlisted is the first US military comedy I’ve heard of for a while; as the US moves out of over a decade of ground war, this might go down a bit better than a few years back.

·         Brooklyn Nine-Nine: What is it with the NYPD? They’re turning up everywhere these days.




·         Last Resort (cancelled earlier this year) was an interesting concept that was shoddily executed; I only stuck with it with difficulty. At least it got enough warning to put together a fairly good ending.

·         Parks & Recreation has started airing in the UK and is rather enjoyable in its own strange way – pleased it got its sixth run.

·         I see that we’ll be getting an Ironside remake – never seen the original, though. Before my time.


Other networks


·         As soon as I saw the opening ratings for Defiance, I knew it was going to get an early renewal.

·         Leverage has lost something in its fifth and final run – it mucked about with the formula too much.

·         Southland has been ended after five seasons too – this was an interesting, if somewhat depressing show, that reminded me somewhat of The Bill. Worth noting that it was picked up by TNT after NBC cancelled it.

·         Seven and done for Burn Notice – seven seasons seems to be a common length for a show, possibly due to contractual reasons. At least it will be able to get a proper end.


Thanks to TV By The Numbers (especially the Cancellation Bear) for focussing on what cannot lie.,. the ratings. I’ll be using them again next season.

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