18 March 2013

Royal Charter for the press - or actions have consequences

The deal over the establishment of a new press regulator, backed up by Royal Charter, is a good one that ensures that a future government will not wreck this system and allow for continued freedom of the press while punishing those offenders.

There were many offences committed - criminal and moral - by certain elements of the press, who intruded into people's private lives not to expose wrongdoings but to sell newspapers, finally hacking the voice mail of a murdered schoolgirl.

It is those actions that have brought this about - and those papers who complain about it should know they brought it on themselves.

If this new regulator does affect genuine investigative journalism, then that will be a bad thing. However, I doubt that will happen, as most journalism is only interested in investigating tawdry gossip.

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jams o donnell said...

I agree the press brought it on themselves