10 December 2012

A kind of Spanish inquisition (Grand Review: 'Falcón')

(While this is a 'Grand Review', this will be a pretty short entry)

Sky Atlantic's recent original adaptation of two of Robert Wilson's Javier Falcón novels is a mixed bag. While not having to work your way through subtitles is a bonus (not that I have problems with subtitled works, as my other reviews have demonstrated), but the work here is pretty clichéd. 

It's beautifully shot (I would like to go to Seville one day) and well acted, but can we please, please have a cop who isn't socially maladjusted for a change? It was justifiable with what happened in "The Blind Man of Seville", but still... Also, it was very gruesome at times (I hate things with eye removal...)

I enjoyed this, although it did drag near the end of the second two-parter. If this comes back, I'll be watching it.


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