09 July 2012

A tad early for throat-cutting (Review, 'Sinbad' 1.1)

A Basra petty criminal's career goes pear-shaped when a scheme goes wrong, resulting in the death of his brother and him being cursed to sail the seas, barred from spending more than a day on land at any one time.

A new Sky 1 family adventure with some serious money chucked at it through Aussie co-production, this adaptation of a classic Arabic tale is a mixed bag.

Production is very good and the CGI is superb. There's some good characters in the making here and the format is a good one. Some of the action scenes were well dine. Mind you, it's a bit grim what with all the deaths.

The second half was a bit poor and predictable - I started humming "Wipe Out" as the big wave approached.

There's one scene that really lowers this down; a character getting his throat cut. It's heavily edited, but this scene at all is inappropriate before 9pm.

Show has potential, but we'll have to see if it improves.


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