28 February 2009

Global Sale! Get Fifty Percent Off!

It seems like we've been in a constant sale since about October. Everywhere I go, or whatever I see on the radio, there's a sale on at most of the stores. Cars, sofas, houses etc.

There's one major reason why the economy isn't doing too well- there's nothing really to buy.

Books I can generally get for free from the local library if I'm even inclined to read them. With the Internet, I can find out most stuff easily.

Most of the magazines in any given newsagents are of the soft pornographic variety. While I like attractive women as much as the next heterosexual man, lesbian or bisexual, I have no interest and actually dislike "lads' mags".

The papers are either too expensive or not worth reading (I've been a Metro reader for months).

I don't eat a huge amount of sweets, I don't smoke and I don't like alcohol too much.

DVDs are generally rubbish (I can watch that stuff on TV), I rarely buy video games since I got seriously into RPing and I have little interest in clothing.

I'm sure many feel somewhat similar to me. With job worries, we're also saving our money.

We need an incentive to buy stuff before the economy recovers.

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