13 February 2009

Exhuming the Corpse: Why 'Demons' failed

ITV's big new Saturday drama, Demons is almost certainly not coming back. If Incompetent Television renew it, I will be very surprised indeed.

There's a number of reasons that it failed.

Firstly, Philip Glenister's American accent was pretty poor. A man of considerable acting talent, he looked wasted in this show. This was a minor reason.

Secondly, lack of genre savviness among the characters, who casually wandered into traps and fell for dodgy people. Buffy the Vampire Slayer changed the rules of the game regarding this.

Thirdly, a general moral issue with good guys who freely waved firearms around in public, shot someone who had just given information and were in essence pursuing a policy of genocide. Luke's father actually had the right idea.

Fourthly, it was too dark for the time slot. Doctor Who has far more humour.

Fifth and finally, it was boring. There was little to hold viewer interest.

Time to close the coffin on this one and for ITV to try something new.

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