31 January 2009

Incompetent Television's doing it wrong

I'm a bit of a fan of The Bill. As you may be aware, ITV are moving the show to once weekly at 9pm.

Clearly, they want to stick on more football and other "ratings pullers". Then after those shows, you'll be able to watch cops topless, I'd say.

I am not impressed at all this. Partly, I don't like ITV's approach to things. Secondly, a strong ITV is needed to ensure a strong BBC.

Take ITV's fiction production. They can do one-off dramas like Unforgiven fairly. Their crime dramas are fairly good too (Taggart has now adapted to the hour slot effectively).

However, their comedy is awful (that Santa Contest thing, for example), they closed their childrens' department a couple of years back and their game shows aren't all that good.

Don't get me started on Demons, a show that Willow Rosenburg would have for breakfast in terms of quality.

Seriously, Grade gets an F.

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