19 January 2009

Good Morning Mr. President, my name's Reality. Now give me your wallet.

Tomorrow marks the end of the Presidency of George W. Bush. I'm not going to do a full review of his presidency and his legacy because firstly it's clichéd and secondly, I think it's too early to fully judge him. I will say that I believe he'll go down fairly badly in history, but not as badly as many think at the moment.

With Bush's leaving office, Barack Hussein Obama (now there's a name you wouldn't have thought would be elected President even a decade ago) will become the 44th President.

Now I've got some cold hard facts for the huge number of Obama cheerleaders and groupies out there:

Obama's election was nothing more than the rejection of an incumbent government for economic incompetence in favour of a charismatic young politician who preached change and makes good speeches. It does not mark the end of conservatism by any means, especially as John McCain got only a million or so votes less than George W. Bush. It was not a landslide victory- Reagan won a bigger one. All that happened was that a load of first-time voters arrived and a load of Republicans stayed at home. This will not the same come 2012.

Mr. Obama had better perform and perform well.

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Anonymous said...

Honestly sir, as an Indian, I cannot consider Bush to be among the worse American Presidents. I firmly believe that except for the manner in which Iraq/Afghanistan were conducted, he did hardly anything wrong.

I'm also certain that he is not to be entirely blamed for the current economic crisis.

I'm not saying he is not wrong, but the extent to which he is demonized is really uncalled for.