21 October 2006

Ramble 5- Robin Hood and Clare Short

Two people who you seriously wouldn't imagine together. Imagine Clare Short as one of the Merry Men- sorry they're the Outlaws now.

Which brings us nicely onto Robin Hood. After two death-free episodes, we get eight in 45 minutes, which makes Taggart look positively peaceful. They're milking the war on terror analogy for all it's worth. The series is still reasonable, but Jonas Armstrong seems a bit young to be Robin Hood.

Clare Short has resigned from the Parliamentary Labour Party. I wasn't surprised and in fact am quite pleased. The woman should have been thrown out for blatant disloyalty. It should be remembered that this woman has always been on the left of the party (resigning from the front bench over the first Gulf War and supporting Irish reunification) and is not representative of most of it.

Due to a dodgy Internet connection, I'm a bit behind on The Zone, my NS news column. It's bi-weekly ATM for personal reasons.

I've only seen one episode of The Unit, but it's reasonably good. Dennis Haysbert's a great actor.

Edited to remove the word "still" from the Jonas Armstrong sentence.

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Phantom of the Labour Party said...

“Wondering Labour Party, so lost, so helpless, yearning for my guidance…”