29 September 2006

"You can't play politics with people's jobs"

Caught the end of Kinnock's 1985 conference speech on BBC Parliament- you know the one where he attacked Militant. Good speech, very good speech. I don't understand all the context, but clearly some of the audience wasn't happy with the bit about Manchester City Council (I can't recall a walkout under Blair).

You'd never hear Blair using the word "Comrades" now. Or "socialism" for that matter.


dreadnought said...

I saw the speech at the time and again last week. It is still as good today as it was 20 years ago. Kinnock was a great orator and his speech marked the start of the way back for the Labour Party.
By the way, it was Liverpool city council he was referring to, and that pseudo-socialist Derek 'Degsy' Hatton - Degsy being the private number plate on his BMW.

Silent Hunter said...

Oops, my mistake.