27 March 2006

The End of the World

1. CE is continuing to be excellent as the Doctor. He cracked a number of good lines (not as many as Rose in this episode) and bluffed his way in all over the place. The Doctor can walk through a rotating blade now. Interesting power. I'll leave the debate about the morality of his actions regarding Cassandra to another thread. I'll comment on the pump-action TARDIS elsewhere.
2. Rose had some of the funniest lines of the episode. Good argument with Lady Cassandra She then proceeded to get knocked out by the droids and almost fried by solar radiation (twice!). At least she hasn't screamed yet.
3. I did not expect the Moxx to sound like Sil, or to have such a small part.
4. Jade the Tree Lady was a very good character, nobly sacrifing herself to try and save the station.
5. The old show never had this many pop-culture references. But Rose hasn't mentioned Eastenders...
6. I know an action scene is starting to drag when I start thinking "Get on with it". It was good that Rose wasn't released straight away though.
7. Lady Cassandra was somewhat annoying. Did anyone feel reminded of Lynda Bellingham (who, if you remember, was in Trial of a Time Lord)?
8. They certainly didn't skimp on the special effects did they? This was somewhat restricted by being entirely studio-based.
9. Faction Paradox (or something similar) is now canon. I don't believe it. That probably confused a few of those who watched the old series.

Overall, this was a reasonable episode. Some very good lines, but lacked a certain something. Not quite as good as Rose, in my opinion. There were some good twists (Rose wasn't let out of the room and Jade couldn't stop the blades).

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