01 March 2006

British TV coming up

This is the start of an irregular feature here where I provide you with information on TV coming up in the United Kingdom.

Things to watch out for or avoid

  • Hustle Series 3- starting Friday 10 March. The gang have lost their money and are living in cheap accomodation. You'll know they'll be back on the gravy train eventually...
  • Doctor Who Series 2- No airdate for this yet (but it's probably going to be April). David Tennant does his first full series as the Doctor. Rose is back for the whole lot and Mickey will become a full companion.
  • Mayo- Alastair McGowan as a detective. Yes, you heard me correctly...
  • Torchwood- The Doctor Who spinoff series starring John Barrowman (who was excellent as Captain Jack).
  • The Unit- Not yet confirmed as coming to the UK, but I expect it will. Dennis Haysbert (President Palmer from 24) leads a Special Forces Unit.
  • Press Ganged: Reality TV show set on a sailing ship. People who get evicted walk the plank...

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