06 December 2018

Some random thoughts on Brexit #2

  • I think No Deal is very much off the table now. Parliament will not let it happen and the Government doesn't want it to happen.
  • Why couldn't the full legal advice be released on a confidential basis to MPs? If they can't keep a secret, then that's their lookout.
  • Deal May is pretty much dead and I think may not actually see a full Commons vote at all. I think a second referendum is getting increasingly likely - Norway for Now has many of the same problems as Deal May.
  • A General Election isn't going to happen - the DUP will back the government, so there is no way a confidence vote can succeed.
  • A second referendum would probably go for Remain, but I doubt they would get more than 55%. That will be a problem going forward.
  • I just want this to be over one way or another...

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