22 August 2016

Rio 2016

While not exactly the greatest Games ever - there were a lot of issues with attendances and the cost of hosting this thing really needs to be looked at (get the sponsors to stump up more cash or cut the event numbers down) - the Olympics were by no means a total disaster and Rio de Janeiro can be pleased with what was put on.

A spectacular performance by Team GB, beating our own 2012 performance - who would have thought we would have beaten the Chinese on the medal table? This is the result of 20 years of hard work and heavy investment in elite sport. However, many of these wins were people retaining their titles from 2012 and we need to make sure that we have good enough people coming forward for the future.

Also, the New Year's Honours are going to be very interesting this year. Sir Mo Farah? Now that's as far away from his Somali origins as you can get.

Well done to him and all the others.

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