22 September 2014

Not exactly Triple-A rated (Review: 'Doctor Who' 34.5, "Time Heist")

(Apologies for accidentally posting this too early)

The Doctor and Clara find themselves robbing the most secure bank in the universe.
  • Capaldi was good in this episode; good but not brilliant; even the best have an off day.
  • Clara's outfit (which Jenna Coleman wears in the Doctor Who extra interview clips) reminded me a lot of Sarah Jane Smith.
  • The other two 'robbers', OK, but not great.
  • Keeley Hawes did her one or two note role very well; all she really needed to be was slimy banker.
  • Is it me or did the Teller look like something I've seen somewhere else?
  • Awful lot of corridors in this one.
  • I've seen this movie... the black man dies first!
  • I saw one of the big twists coming a mile off.
  • Another 'Moffat Loop', really? Yes, it is possible for him to write stories without them.
  • No great revelations, no Missy... this was very much a filler episode.
Reasonable, but not exactly the most engaging thing in the world. Next week looks better.


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