22 February 2014

Orange Revolution II: The Empire Gets Struck Again

When members of the public are freely strolling around the residence of a country's now former President, it is safe to say that a revolution has occurred.

It's happened in Ukraine.

Viktor Yanukovych is gone. His reign is over and with reports that his attempts to flee the country have been stopped, I would not be surprised if he was formally indicted in the next couple of days.

It has not been a bloodless revolution - and it could still get bloody - but the people of Ukraine now have a second chance to develop a genuine, effective democracy in their country after the failure of the 2004 Orange Revolution to deliver on its hopes let Yanukovych back in the first place.

Tomorrow we see the closing of the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. Today, Russia's playing of the geopolitical game saw them get a penalty... and this is speed skating.

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