01 January 2014

Plans for 2014

May I begin by wishing my readers a very happy 2014.

What I plan to do this year.

Current Affairs
  • The European Parliament Elections
  • The US mid-terms.
  • Whatever else comes up.
Further series
  • Finish off my Doctor Who series.
  • After D-Day: A look at the first month after Operation Overlord.
  • 1989 - 25 years on: Remembering the revolutions of 1989-91 and seeing where the countries in question are now.
  • Finish my review of Homeland Season 3... I plan to do the 4th as well.
  • One or two film reviews - possibly the Marvel ones  due for release this year.
  • The Bridge season 2 and one more Scandi drama, probably 1864.
  • Doctor Who, naturally.
  • Some discussions on games that I've played.  
As always, plans are subject to change.

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