09 June 2013

'Revenge' Season 2 - Baby Grand Review

This isn't a full review, but I will be doing some quick points on this:
  • So much for digging two graves... Amanda Clarke's filling a mausoleum in her quest for revenge.
  • Nolan Ross' fashion sense may be questionable, but his ability to bring the snark is superb.
  • While one death was tragic, at least I've stopped having to find a way to refer to two main characters who swapped names...
  • Madeline Stowe is superbly slimy - I see why she is billed above Emily VanCamp.
  • Conrad Grayson is now more powerful than he started off as... a change of strategy I think.
This was an enjoyable set of hokum, but perhaps they ought to call this a day after the next run. You can only twist for so long.

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