28 April 2011

cs_dracula: How not to do a map

Terrorists blasting away - yes, three hostages have already died in the crossfire.

I've just come off a game of Counter-Strike: Source on the UKCS server. The second map I played during my time on the server (great servers BTW, I would highly recommend them) was cs_dracula.

This was a hostage rescue mission in a Dracula-style castle with spiral staircases, long winding passages and portraits of famous horror characters.

However, there are two problems with the map. One, the lack of a map in the whatever the map screen thing is called, isn't too bad.

The second though is huge. The hostages are located in a room with only one large entrance and a long staircase on one side. It's a terrorist camper's dream.

Seriously, that map needs a redesign, because even I know that violates a key rule of multi-player map design.

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