26 March 2011

March for the Alternative

The TUC are organising a large march in London today against Government spending cuts. The Government says that those against the cuts need to have an alternative.

Here's some of my alternative, then:
  • Aim to eliminate the bulk of the deficit by 2020, not 2015.
  • Halve the speed of the cuts.
  • Cut salaries of top executives - no public sector worker should earn more than the Prime Minister
  • Require universities to make similar cuts on top-level pay before they are allowed to charge £9,000 a year
  • Focus on getting people into work in the private sector, so they can fuel growth
  • A Robin Hood tax.
  • Ensure that funding to local councils is based on local needs (e.g. free school meal requirements). It is unjust that Witney should have a far smaller cut than Lewisham.

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