05 September 2009

Realpolitik Stinks- Libya and Afghanistan

So, we've had a convicted terrorist (although there are doubts about his guilt) essentially released from prison to secure an oil deal and bring a former state sponsor of terrorism in from the cold.

These are the choices you sadly have to make though in international politics. I don't personally think al-Megrahi should have been released on compassionate grounds or as part of a "prisoner transfer arrangement", but I understand why Gordon Brown did it.

Meanwhile, the election in Afghanistan looks to have been seriously corrupt, on many sides. I hope, frankly, this ends up in a run-off and that Karzai loses. The "marital rape" law that he allowed to be enacted is fundamentally wrong and should be repealed immediately.

That said, I still support our mission in Afghanistan, provided we put a lot of pressure on Karzai and the warlords. There are many Afghans who are not corrupt, oppose these restrictive laws and they deserve a decent future that does not involve the Taliban. We definitely need an altering of strategy.

However, my view on an exit strategy is this:
  1. Define the job
  2. Do the job
  3. Go when it's done

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