23 July 2008

Return of the blog

I've decided to start blogging here. It's been a number of months since I've been here (less than I thought though).

Recently came back from a holiday in New York and Chicago. I have some advice for the New York Subway people- signpost your stations better.

Chicago is a far nicer city than New York, although apparently there were a lot of shootings recently. I was in the downtown area, so I missed those. Saw some awful French circus thing at Navy Pier when I was there. Human carillon or something like that.

I'll be posting as and when. Expect comments on Obama, Chip Man (as I call McCain), life in Blighty and other interesting things.

A quick plug. AJJE Games. RP site I've been on for a few years. Registration required, but you can see parts of each main area.

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