25 February 2006

Doctor Who in America

Trailers are airing on Sci-Fi US for the new Doctor Who, starting 17 March with a double bill.

As part of our service to our many US visitors, I intend to post my "Nine Thoughts on Who" series (originally posted on Outpost Gallifrey) to match the US transmission.

To give you an idea of what they're like, here are my 9 Thoughts on Classic episode "The Horns of Nimon":

1. TB spends a lot of this episode wandering around, fiddling with electronic equipment, accidentally sending Romana to Crinoth etc. Not TB's best story.
2. Oh, but it's definitely one of Lalla Ward's. She pretty much steals the show here. Great costume (but lose the gloves), some great anger and some good lines.
3. There are times when K9 becomes a problem. This is one of them. He makes an unconvincing exit from the TARDIS and spends a lot of his time disassembled on a table. He has his uses, i.e. finding a way out of the complex, but 'extra blaster' should not be his role.
4. Soldeed is played with more ham than a butcher's shop. "Lord Nimon, Lord Nimon"... Amusing, yes, threatening, no.
5. The yellow suited teens from Aneth. Limp and unconvincing. I don't like them.
6. The constantly changing corridor layout was done very well considering the budget.
7. The Nimon. They do look a bit silly. It's awfully hard to shoot someone with those horns when you have to bend down to do so.
8. There were some good one liners in this. The last scene is particularly good.
9. Was that strange spring releasing noise when the TARDIS went wrong "Bloodnok's stomach"?All in all, an enjoyable episode. Not one of the best, but likeable if you approach it correctly.

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