12 April 2017

Kumar Chameleon, a Star Citizen story, Episode 4: Rendezvous

Sunita woke up and after dressing, she made her way down to the hotel’s dining room to eat breakfast, where some of the breakfast options gave a whole new meaning to ‘hash brown’, due to the presence of cannabis in them...

After choosing something not laced with unusual mushrooms, Sunita made her way to a meeting with Mary and Daniel, who were getting their entertainment in early at one of the fighting pits. Daniel was dressed in a set of overalls with the name ‘Dharma Mining’ on them and Mary was dressed in a white suit.

“So, where’s this dealer?” Sunita asked. “Donald Hood?”

“Hook”, Mary corrected, “At this time of day, I’d imagine he’d be sleeping. Or playing with his model trains”.

Below them, two Xi’an chained together were trying to avoid becoming dinner for a very large brown bear. This wasn't exactly legal, but legality didn't get very near Spider station.

“Model trains?”

“The guy is well and truly an oddball. Model trains is the least weird thing about him. We’re going to need to figure out which of us will distract him and which of us is going to go through his stuff…”

“Well”, Daniel said, “This is going to sound clichéd and sexist, but as Sunita is the younger one, she’d probably serve as the better distraction”.

“To think Emily Davison threw herself…” Sunita muttered than turned back to Daniel speaking more clearly, “Er… How am I going to distract him? I’m not very good at being all sultry and that”.

“You could talk to him about trains…”

“Do you get many female rail nerds?”

“Well…” Mary said, “I’m sure there are some out there… and I’m sure he’ll be pleased to meet one”.

Donald Hood could be found in a key cutting and general repairs shop located on Deck 3. Quite why he wasn’t more obvious about his actual business on somewhere like Spider was a mystery. Especially as most firearms shops were far more open about it.

Sunita Kumar opened the door to the shop, which rang a bell at the back of the office. She was dressed to distract with a low-cut tight top over a pair of jeans as her apparel and wearing enough make-up for three beauty product ads.  She hadn’t felt this awkward since senior prom and that was before she’d vomited all over her date’s dinner jacket after too much punch. There’s nothing like a spot of reverse peristalsis to kill your chances of romance.

Looking around ‘Hood’s Ironmongery’, she saw an array of trophies, household items and garden gnomes for sale. She’d known this system was depraved, but garden gnomes was a whole new low. 

Running around the business area, at about 3 metres off the ground was a model railway track, on which a blue locomotive was pulling four blue and white carriages, making occasional horn noises.

The screen door to the rear of the shop opened and Donald Hood emerged, with a tall grey-scaled Tevarin standing just behind him, the latter looking inquisitively at her. Or her cleavage. She wasn’t sure which.

Sunita saw Hood and got the measure of him. He was a man of moderate with fairly short dark blonde hair, pale skin with some red patches by the sides of his nose (apparently some recurrent skin complaint) and small silver glasses on his nose. That was probably his MobiGlas; very few people did not have laser vision correction these days, but there were always exceptions.

“Hello”, he said, “Can I help you at all?”

“Yes”, Sunita said, effecting a low stern voice that she remembered from a villain from a kids’ show when she was younger, “I am looking for a trophy to be engraved for a competition that I am running”.

“Ah, right”, Hood said moving over to the checkout and tapping some items on a screen, “Have you picked the trophy yet?”

“No I was looking for some suggestions”.

“Well, that would depend on what sort of competition that you are running. Some designs are more suitable than others for this sort of thing”.

Sunita paused and managed to suppress her laughter – just – as she told him.

“It’s a tiddlywinks competition”.

Hood didn’t say anything here.

“Is that unusual at all?”

“No, not at all”, Hood said, “I’ve done considerably stranger in my time. Let me go and look at my catalogue… I’ll be right back”.

Sunita considered this… and figured that having him go in the back was not a good idea. Especially if Mary was in there.

“There’s no rush…” she said flirtingly and looked up at the ceiling, “What’s that model train going around the track? It looks very nice”.

Hood was beaming at this. He didn’t often get the chance to talk about it; especially to a pretty lady…

“That is a train all the way back from pre-space Earth… it’s called a British Rail Class 31…”

Mary had considered wiring Sunita for sound and speaking to her directly, but the risk of the equipment getting detected coupled, with the possible consequences of that, had led to a decision not to.

She had made her way to the service corridor at the rear of Hood’s Ironmongery and three minutes after Sunita had entered the shop, she began to pick the lock at the rear door.

“So, while it wasn’t exactly the most glamorous locomotive about, it was very much a workhorse for its railway at the time. I think it’s like me. Not exactly glamorous, but a hard working horse”, Hood said, “I can order a copy of your own if you want…”

She looked at him.

“I’ll think about that… now about that tiddlywinks trophy…”

She heard a faint rattling and out of the corner of her eye she could see Mary starting to work the door handle… she needed a major distraction.

Sorry to all the feminists…

She leaned in and suddenly kissed Hood full on the lips. No tongues of course. After five seconds they separated, Hood’s eyes bulging in shock.

“Wow…” he said as Mary passed through the door and snuck into his office. It would take a minute or so for her to copy the information from his computer… so she needed to distract him for that long, at least…

“Has anyone told you that you’re really sexy”, Sunita said, laying it on with a trowel, “I’d really like to take you on a date and then have wild, wild sex with you…”

She then began to slowly and sensually describe what she intended to do with the shop keeper. Safe to say that it wasn’t the sort of thing that she’d ever say anywhere near her mother and she felt dirty just saying it.

It seemed to have the desired effect; Hood didn’t know whether to be confused or excited.

Mary moved towards the rear door having retrieved the information with a data stick inserted into an access port. She had also had to listen to Sunita’s potty mouthed description. 

That woman is either seriously experienced or possesses a seriously filthy imagination.

She opened the door and stepped out into the alleyway… then saw the Tevarin bodyguard standing barely two metres from her.

“Two words”, he said in English, “Silent alarm”.

Mary gulped slightly. The Tevarin had pulled out a large nasty looking sword and was holding it in one hand.

“Now, you have two options”, he hissed, “You can give me whatever you took from in there or you can discover what it’s like to be decapitated”.

Mary smiled at him.

“Is there a third option?” she said.


Well, here goes nothing…

“Look behind you. It’s a three-headed sata-ball player!”

The Tevarin turned and had a look towards his rear… which gave Mary time to turn and run. About five paces. Then the scaled beaky creature tackled her to the ground, turned her over and punched her in the face with his free hand. He pressed the tip of his sword to her throat, drawing a small bit of blood…

“Any last requests, human?” he snarled.

“Er… fish and chips?” Mary said.

“Sorry, not available…”, the Tevarin said and raised his sword ready to strike…

TO BE CONTINUED                

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