04 March 2006

LibDems swing to the right?

BBC is reporting that the LibDems have agreed with Ming the Merciless and have voted to support part-privatising the Royal Mail. Coming but a few days after the crushing of Simon Hughes in the leadership election (and with two people clearly on the right of the party coming first and second) I think it's fair to say that this has *not* been a good week for the LibDem left... or the "new look" Tories for that matter. But the LibDems swinging rightwards is probably good news for Labour, especially in seats where the anti-Tory vote is divided (look at much of East Anglia for that).

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Anonymous said...

Erm, hasn't this swing to the right involved them deciding to support Labour's policy (of part privatisation)? Which presumably means the Lib Dems have decided to target current Labour voters, rather than disaffected former ones - which probably should worry Labour. Unless you're assuming that policy will go with Blair.