20 March 2006

Aussie State Elections

Tasmania and South Australia have recently held elections... and the ALP won another solid win in Tasmania and a suprising landslide in South Australia. This means that the ALP will continue to run every single Australian state, while the Coalition will continue to rule federally.
One of the most interesting results in SA has been Stuart (a huge rural district in the north of the state) where counting has yet to finish; right now the incumbent Liberal (who's been a member of the SA Parliament since 1970) trails the ALP candidate by just 84 votes.
And the most interesting result in Tasmania is in Bass, where the ALP have taken a seat off the Greens (meaning they hold three seats there to the Liberals two). Bass voted Liberal in the last federal election due to the logging row. The Greens may also have lost their only Lyons seat to the Liberals, although they *probably* haven't.

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